New focus on black-and-white

aghaKahn-BW-300I’ve done quite a bit of b&w work in the past, mostly with iPhone photos and mostly by increasing the contrast until all the grays were gone. I like that pure black-or-white style, because it emphasizes form, mass and line. But since following a series of b&w tutorials published by Gene Wilburn [] I’ve taken a second look at this medium of expression, this time appreciating more the gradations of tone that unichrome processing offers. Gene’s tutorials are well worth looking at for anyone interested in black-and-white work. There’s a lot of great stuff there. They certainly got me excited about learning new skills.

This photo is of the new Aga Kahn Museum. Conversion and find tuning were accomplished with the Silver Efex Pro 2 plugin for Photoshop. In this image, I love the contrast between the oligotonal man-made structures and the pantonal sky.

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